Summer Training Course 2023

Read the carefully and decide your top 5 choices
  • Ensure all course prerequisites are met.
  • Consider your choices carefully as you will not be able to update your choices once submitted.
  • Only select courses you will accept when offered (or leave choices as N/A). Resources are allocated, regardless whether offers are accepted or rejected. If you cancel later simply because you've changed your mind there will be penalty towards future courses.
  • The application process starts once you submit this form. Ensure you cancel when you are no longer able to attend.

Submitting an application now DOES NOT guarantee participation
  • The Cadet Activity Program (CAP) is for cadets Level 1 & 2 and are participation-based.
  • Advanced courses (Level 3+) are instructor courses. Selection priority is based on squadron's need for instructors; along with cadets' merit according to senority, attendance, participation, performance in optional activities and other relevant metrics.
  • Choosing a less-popular course as lower-priority choices will increase your chance of being offered a course.

Later in the year (April) you may receive an offer confirming your participation in a summer training course. It is fully expected you will accept the offer for any of the courses you selected; unless cancellation is provided prior to offer extended. Applications not selected will be placed on standby up to 2 days into the course start date.

When you are no longer available to participate, regardless whether you have been offered a course or on standby, you must contact the summer course officer to be removed from the application list. Your application is active and you may be backfilled until 2 days into the course. Cancel ASAP by emailing summercourse[at] (instructions in confirmation email).

An auto-reply email will be sent to your email address upon submission. If you have not received this email we have not received your submission. Try again in a few minutes and contact the webmaster for repeated issues.

Routine questions to be addressed through the chain of command (i.e. your senior cadet).
Technical issues to be reported to webmaster[at]

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